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Wang Zhaoxing, the king of "machine shift" and Carter excavator for 30 years

Wang Zhaoxing, the king of "machine shift" and Carter excavator for 30 years

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Guide: in the early morning of march28,2013, a brand-new cat 320d GC excavator was loaded on a flat tractor and slowly drove into a vacant lot in Changle City, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. Here, a brief handover ceremony will be held, which will be held by cat Fujian general agent Xinchang Machine Engineering Co., Ltd

on the morning of March 28, 2013, a brand-new cat 320d GC excavator was loaded on a flat trailer and slowly drove into a vacant lot in Changle City, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. Here, a brief handover ceremony will be held. The sales engineer of Xinchang Machine Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinchang company"), the general agent of cat Fujian Province, will deliver the key of cat 320d GC excavator to the local user wangzhaoxing. Subsequently, this new cat 320d GC excavator will be filled with diesel and will go to the construction site on the first day of its "career"

The spring breeze of reform has given birth to the first batch of "self-employed households"

Changle City is located in the southeast coastal area of China. It is the gateway of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province. It is one of the few "two port" cities in China. It is one of the open cities promulgated by the state. It is the birthplace of "grass-roots industry" and the initiator of "return to economy" in Fujian Province. The private economy is developed and private capital is abundant. Within the region, industrial clusters focusing on textile and steel have been formed, laying the foundation for "China's textile industry base city" and "China's textile industry cluster pilot city", and promoting the city's comprehensive economic strength to continuously rank among the "top 100 counties (cities) in China"

wangzhaoxing is a native of Changle. More than 30 years ago, the spring breeze of reform and opening up began in the southeast coastal areas. Wang Zhaoxing was only in his 20s. Although he had not studied, his truck and excavator driving experience since the age of 13 also made him knowledgeable. His long-term work experience has enabled him to accumulate keen observation, and he feels that China will undergo an unprecedented change. So he took the opportunity to raise more than 500000 yuan from his relatives and friends, bought two second-hand excavators in Guangdong, and officially entered the ranks of the first batch of "self-employed" in China

500000 yuan was an astronomical figure for the Chinese people in the 1980s. Wangzhaoxing was under great pressure and put all his "bets" on the two second-hand excavators. He worked from dawn to dusk and participated in the construction of most provincial and national highways in Changle City. Moreover, in the textile industry that started in the famous "grass-roots industry" in the early 1980s, Wang Zhaoxing also played a decisive role - he drove his own excavator and participated in the construction of many textile factories. Today, Changle has become the base city of China's textile industry, and the early builders have contributed a lot

cat helped the cause to reach its peak

with diligence and spring breeze, two excavators miraculously recovered their costs within a few years. Wangzhaoxing also had a deeper understanding of excavators. According to his own needs and his understanding of various brands of excavators, and in combination with the engineering characteristics of Changle area, he decided to carry out standardized management of his own mechanical equipment. The first is to unify the brand. He sold his two excavators and bought two second-hand cat excavators. He believes that cat excavators have stable quality and abundant power, and have always had an excellent reputation in Guangdong, the distribution center of second-hand excavators. These two cat excavators have become the earliest cat excavators in the history of Changle City, and the caterpillar brand has officially entered Changle region through wangzhaoxing, opening a brilliant road in the future

similar to the "grass-roots industry" in Changle City, Wang Zhaoxing's business path is also full of "Grass-roots" flavor. Since the market economic system had just taken shape at that time, people's understanding of "self-employed" was only limited to working for themselves to make money. It was this kind of self-made experience that enabled Wang Zhaoxing to continue the way of "Taiwan class management" until now. Although each excavator has to worry him, it also reduces the risk for him to some extent - short construction period experimental force refers to the accuracy of level 1. Calculated by hour, the collected works can be used instead of stainless steel; Can make screws, fasteners and connectors; It is also much more convenient to pay for electrical parts of Electromechanical, rotor, casing and transformer. Now, wangzhaoxing has already become the representative of the largest excavator team leader in Changle area. With his high reputation and the reputation of cat equipment in the industry, his excavators rarely have free time, and the site at his home for storing excavators has always been empty

only a brand new cat 320d GC excavator was seen. Wang Zhaoxing said with a smile that the excavator was just purchased by him and would soon be transported to a construction site several kilometers away. Wangzhaoxing also introduced that the construction site is a real estate earthwork. Since it is built on a mountain, it needs to excavate a lot of rocks. The cat excavator can give full play to its greatest advantage. "Being able to use energy" is what Wang Zhaoxing said most: "when other brands of excavators can't dig, cat excavators can be competent. The reason is that cat excavators are powerful and heavy. They weigh several tons more than other brands of excavators of the same tonnage, so they are very stable, but the fuel consumption is not as amazing as expected." Because of this, both developers and drivers have great trust in cat excavators. In addition, Wang Zhaoxing was also impressed by the excellent quality of cat excavators. He said that his several cat excavators with more than ten years of machine age have not "dropped the chain" or even been overhauled. Seeing that the brand-new cat 320d GC excavator he had just purchased was put into work at the first time, Wang Zhaoxing's face was filled with a smile of happiness and satisfaction

after a ten minute drive down the mountain, we arrived at a construction site by the sea. One cat 306 excavator and one cat 307 excavator are scouring sand - this was purchased by Wang Zhaoxing half a month ago. When we walked forward, we found that the two small excavators were also very quiet when working, almost without any noise, and the driver's operation was also very calm. Looking at the working platform on the construction site, wangzhaoxing put on his helmet and demonstrated for us. His driver said to us, "cat small excavation is light and flexible, easy to operate, and not tired after working for more than ten hours. We drivers all like it."

Mr. Lin, the developer of the project, also happened to be at the scene. He and wangzhaoxing have been good friends for many years. When Wang Zhaoxing was mentioned, he repeatedly praised: "boss Wang is honest and keeps his promise. We have cooperated for many years, and his cat excavator has always reassured me!"

over the past 30 years, wangzhaoxing has purchased dozens of cat excavators. After using cat excavators, he has never purchased excavators of other brands. Not only that, many "old guys" who used to work for him became their own bosses and owned their own cat excavators. According to rough statistics, there are about 500~600 excavators in Changle City, including nearly 100 cat excavators. This is due to the fact that Wang Zhaoxing first introduced cat excavators here more than 30 years ago. After years of equipment updating, Wang Zhaoxing now has 13 cat excavators, including 1 cat 306 excavator, 1 cat 307 excavator, 4 cat 312 excavators, 1 cat 320d GC excavator, etc. In addition to the performance advantages, wangzhaoxing said that he was also very satisfied with the after-sales service of cat. Once the equipment malfunctioned, the service engineer of Xinchang company would rush to the site at the first time to eliminate the faults. He never delayed the construction period due to equipment problems

people in Changle always praise their hometown in front of foreigners. After returning from the construction site, wangzhaoxing became more and more interested and kept introducing the local conditions and customs of Changle to us. He said that Changle is a good place with mountains and seas, beautiful natural environment and pleasant climate. He can eat fresh seafood in most seasons, but he still likes to drink local sweet potato porridge... His words naturally show his love for his hometown. On the wall of wangzhaoxing's slightly shabby office, there is a certificate of honor, which is specially customized to commend him for donating 10000 yuan in cash to the elderly cultural center in the neighboring village last year. When it comes to his hometown, Wang Zhaoxing's simple and tough face is full of tenderness. Over the past 30 years, although his construction team has been growing and his career has taken off gradually, he has never left his hometown or even considered going to other places for development. The reason, he explained: "both the government and the people are very good to me, and I am reluctant to leave." In order to repay his hometown, wangzhaoxing invested more than 800000 yuan in the construction of many elderly activity centers and township roads

2013, the business of wangzhaoxing family will begin a new take-off - he and his partners invested tens of millions of yuan to purchase 60 mu of land in the suburbs of Changle and build factories and office buildings - a new fishing factory 231 flat open, push-pull color coated steel plate doors and windows will soon be born. However, he plans to hand over the fishing factory to his two sons. As for himself, he still can't live without his old friend of more than 30 years: cat excavator

recently, wangzhaoxing also plans to purchase four cat excavators. This "Taiban king" who has been associated with cat since his youth regards cat as a lifelong friend and has never changed

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