The 27th Jinan Construction Expo 2021 was official

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The 27th Jinan Construction Expo in 2021 was officially launched, helping building materials and home furnishing enterprises break through the situation and regenerate

2021 the 27th Jinan Construction Expo was officially launched, helping building materials and home furnishing enterprises break through the situation and regenerate

September 27, 2020

2020, a COVID-19 will ravage the world, severely impacting all walks of life, and the building decoration industry is also facing reshuffle and reconstruction. Affected by the epidemic, practitioners inevitably feel lack of confidence and gloomy prospects, and need a professional platform to show the brand and strength of the enterprise. With the normalization of the epidemic, the state strongly supports the expansion of domestic demand and the enhancement of economic internal circulation. Many enterprises will consider how to seize business opportunities at the forefront of the storm, achieve Nirvana and rebirth, and achieve leading development in the coming 2021

in order to help building materials and home furnishing enterprises out of difficulties, lock up and simply break out against the trend, build a comprehensive and multi interactive brand display platform. On April, 2021, "the 27th China (Jinan) Architectural Decoration Expo (hereinafter referred to as" the 2021 Jinan Construction Expo ") will be held in Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Expo will continue to play a leading role in the industry. Although other factors, such as the diameter and length of transmission pipelines, are also related to the recovery of the industry, press the accelerator button to create a" Flagship Exhibition of large home furnishing industry in northern China "

2020, affected by the epidemic, the Jinan Construction Expo was postponed to June. In the case of the outbreak in Beijing at the same time, the Jinan Construction Expo overcame many difficulties, strictly controlled the prevention and control on site, optimized the exhibition services, and did everything possible to store and empower energy for the industry, ultimately promoting the successful holding of the exhibition. The successful holding of the exhibition boosted the confidence of people in the building materials and home furnishing industry to return to work and production, created a good industry atmosphere, and met the needs of enterprises to attract investment and join in and channel transformation and upgrading

the whole industry chain exhibition of the big home construction and decoration industry. Buyers can visit it more efficiently

2021 Jinan Construction Expo is committed to the layout of the whole industry chain product exhibition of the big home construction and decoration industry. It is preset with five pavilions: A1 new building materials floor paving hall, B1 kitchen and bathroom soft decoration smart home hall, C1 whole wood home decoration door hall, D whole house customized door hardware hall, e high-end sliding door system door and window hall, with an exhibition area of 80000 square meters. It is estimated that exhibitors will be 2000+, 150000+ person times professional view 2. The tensile test crowd of the electronic tensile test machine comprehensively demonstrates the technological innovation and product development trend of the whole industrial chain of the large home furnishing construction and installation industry, so that buyers can quickly and conveniently find suitable manufacturers according to the types of exhibits and their own needs, help exhibitors and buyers accurately connect, and truly enable exhibitors to carry out brand promotion and agency cooperation more conveniently and efficiently with the help of the exhibition platform

expand the invitation range of professional buyers to help you consolidate the market in northern China

Jinan Construction Expo, as the Flagship Exhibition of the large home furnishing industry in northern China, has a strong influence and appeal. The industry's professionalism has been recognized by the industry. Not only the number of professional visitors continues to brush new historical records, but also the professional visitors from different market segments are more accurate. Over 16 years, the exhibition has formed a database of more than 800000 professional buyers. At the same time, this Construction Expo will not only expand the scope of buyers' invitation, but also sink all markets, comprehensively cover counties, districts and towns, base itself on Shandong, radiate Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu, span 84 cities in six provinces and more than 600 county-level cities, and truly realize the full coverage of buyers' invitation in the north of the Yangtze River

authoritative media track and report the whole process, and put in all-round advertising online and offline

this China Construction Expo has reached strategic cooperation with top media in the industry, tracked and reported the exhibition dynamics before and after the exhibition, and arranged media group visits at the exhibition site to help exhibitors promote their brands; At the same time, the exhibition plans to invest in outdoor advertising such as building materials market advertising, outdoor brands, car body advertising and elevator advertising. It will also open up more new media publicity channels, launch social and video platform advertising such as Baidu, circle of friends, today's headlines and Tiktok, and spend a lot of money to achieve full coverage of buyers' channels

16 years' experience has built the exhibition brand, and UFI certification exhibition is trustworthy.

the organizer of the exhibition, Jinan Xinzhan Exhibition Co., Ltd., was established in 2004 and is subordinate to Haiming International Exhibition Group. Over the past 16 years, based in Shandong and radiating across the country, the company has held many exhibitions in Jinan, Shenyang, Beijing, Qingdao, Xi'an and other places every year, serving more than 80000 exhibitors. It has successively won the honors of "top 20 private enterprises in China's exhibition industry" and "excellent exhibition enterprises in Jinan", which is your guarantee for peace of mind and pleasure. In September, 2017, Jinan Construction Expo officially passed the UFI (International Exhibition Industry Association) certification, which means that the standardized operation system of the exhibition has been listed in the international standard, which is worthy of exhibitors' publicity investment

in view of the remarkable publicity effect of the last exhibition, up to now, more than half of the booth reservations for the 2021 Jinan Construction Expo have been made, and the brand exhibitor package has guaranteed the construction of major national projects, including but not limited to: boyue doors and windows, bangweis doors and windows, Qiaoman doors, hengri PVC decorative materials, shuangfan all aluminum home furnishings, Bolang doors and windows, Dino doors and windows, Pindu doors and windows, poteng doors and windows, Australia special America home furnishings, Hanwang whole house customization, Wutong cabinet decoration, Hongsen wood, Yuli shower room Due to the hot sales of booths and the shortage of demand, the booth prices of enterprises such as Youchuang wood industry and Aibo door industry will be raised in the near future. At present, there are few good positions left. If you have any intention to participate in the exhibition, you need to determine the position as soon as possible

in the coming year 2021, Jinan Construction Expo will spare no effort to boost the recovery of industries and enterprises, help enterprises to embark on the fast track of development and quickly seize the Golden Port of the industry. On April, 2021, Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center (Western exhibition hall) is looking forward to your participation! Booth reservation: Manager Li

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