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The 23rd International Joint Conference on artificial intelligence will be held soon. The trillion market will promote the outbreak of the robot industry. The World International Joint Conference on artificial intelligence is called the Olympic Games of artificial intelligence science. According to relevant media reports, the 23rd International Joint Conference on artificial intelligence (ijcai-13) will be held in Beijing from August 3 to 9 this year, which is the first time that the conference has settled in China since it was held in 1969. Analysts said that the convening of the International Joint Conference on artificial intelligence will undoubtedly provide a hype opportunity for the popular robot concept to extend the service life of optical fiber; In addition, the domestic robot industry is developing rapidly, and it is expected to become the world's largest robot market in the next two years. It is expected that companies involved in the robot business in the A-share market will be favored by the Fund [software operation], such as Qinchuan development, Huagong technology, central China CNC, Saiwei intelligence, etc., which has recently been involved in the robot industry

the two exhibitions are held at the same time, and the smart wave is rising again.

in order to cooperate with the 23rd International Joint Conference on artificial intelligence, the third China International Smart Industry Expo will be held in the same place from August 3 to 9, 2013

according to relevant media reports, the exhibition area of the third China International Intelligent Industry Expo is expected to reach 22000 square meters, including Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Siemens, France Telecom, United Kingdom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinatelecom, Datang Telecom, ZTE, Tongfang Co., Ltd., star business intelligence, cosmonet, Tsinghua Ziguang, iFLYTEK, Yunhai chuangxiang, Yuanheng communication, Xinfang intelligence More than 300 enterprises from many countries and regions, such as the national perception center, demonstrated their advanced intelligent technologies and equipment. The 3-day event will attract more than 30000 professional visitors from nearly 80 countries and regions around the world, and the intelligent science and technology achievements of more than 100 universities will be displayed here

it is reported that the exhibition will focus on smart city construction management system, IOT Technology (middleware, RFID technology, sensor) application system, cloud computing (cloud data, cloud storage and other large-scale cloud computing application solutions), power transmission and distribution and smart electricity technology system, smart cars and car couplets, smart cards and identification technology, intelligent transportation, parking technology/solutions, smart energy/oil solutions Intelligent health and medical system, intelligent building and home solutions, virtual sheet metal is the outer garment of tensile machine. It is an intelligent technology product related to virtual reality and 3D technology, intelligent control and command scheduling technology, intelligent surveying and mapping navigation technology, intelligent robot and vision, image, pattern recognition, intelligent scientific and technological achievements, etc

China's trillion market will occupy the top position of industrial robots.

with the rising cost of human resources, industrial robots, as a new type of labor, are quietly changing the employment paradigm of manufacturing industry. Industry insiders said that the current human-oriented production mode will gradually be replaced by the robot led mode, which is attracting more and more attention from industrial enterprises with its advantages of high labor rate and low cost

according to the prediction of professional organizations, the industrial scale of industrial robots is expected to exceed trillion in 2015, and the industry prospect of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent equipment is optimistic. In terms of all industrial chains, taking Shenzhen as an example, the data show that the product scale of information, home appliances, communications and other equipment manufacturing industries related to robot technology has reached more than 300 billion yuan, ranking in the forefront of the country. In 2012, the average growth rate of output value of robot enterprises in Shenzhen exceeded 30%, and the growth rate of individual enterprises even reached 200%. In the long run, this industry will continue to maintain a high growth trend in the future, and the industrial outbreak will be a high probability event

according to the analysts of Shangpu consulting machinery industry, the domestic industrial robot industry has entered a golden period of development. As a surprising by-product of the rapid rise of labor costs and the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, robots have become a catalyst for the rapid development of the industry and accelerated the arrival of the economic inflection point of the industry. At present, industrial robots are still in the initial stage in China, and the future development space is enormous. The products of related projects have broad market prospects

at present, China is the fastest growing market in the global robot industry. According to the data, the sales volume of industrial robots in China reached 27000 in 2012. Although it lags behind Japan, the forecast data shows that the high growth in China will make China surpass Japan as a whole and become the world's largest industrial robot market in the next two years. At the same time, the government's policy support is also synchronized. According to relevant media reports, the forthcoming guidance on promoting the development of the industrial robot industry has targeted the weaknesses in some key areas of the industry in China and will provide financial support for the R & D of robots and related parts

insiders say that the robot industry will be a new large-scale high-tech industry after automobiles and computers. The 12th Five Year Plan is a key turning point for the development of China's industrial robot industry. The market demand will show a blowout development, and the demand for industrial robots will increase at a rate of 15%-20% per year

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