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Daxing'anling Commissioner's office studies and deploys the action of clearing trees blocking fire-proof roads

release date: Source: Daxing'anling Commissioner's office of the State Forestry and grassland administration in Daxing'anling

Daxing'anling Commissioner's office, combined with the party history education activities, adheres to doing practical things for the grass-roots level and solving problems for ecological protection, and convenes relevant personnel of resource management and protected land management of Daxing'anling Forestry Group on the "5.6" forest fire memorial day, Focus on studying and grasping the forest cutting policies, laws and regulations, and strive to solve the problem that the fire prevention public electric hydraulic proportion control technology is used to block the trees on both sides of the material experimental machine road, which endangers the driving safety

the meeting pointed out that a large number of branch fire prevention roads in the forestry bureaus and nature reserves of Daxing'anling forestry group cannot be maintained in time for a long time, and the roads are closed by trees, which has become a serious hidden danger of forest fire prevention and public safety in the current forest area, seriously affecting the work of forest fire prevention, firefighting, management, patrol and forest management

according to the relevant provisions of the State Forestry and grass Administration recently issued the forest cutting quota of key state-owned forest areas in 2021, the cutting of natural disasters, public safety and special circumstances of nature reserves belongs to the unforeseen cutting quota, which provides a basis for this action. To implement the forest law and the forest cutting policy of the State Forestry and grass administration in accordance with the law and regulations, it is very necessary to standardize the management of forest cutting that blocks the fire-proof highway, so as to cut according to the law and regulations, open the fire-proof highway passage, ensure the smooth fire patrol and fire fighting, eliminate the hidden dangers of the universal experimental machine for public safety, and adopt the microcomputer controlled full digital broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve to ensure the national ecological security. At the same time, further promote forest management, management and patrol, and provide necessary guarantee for the implementation of ecological protection and restoration

the meeting carefully studied the national policies, laws and regulations on forest cutting and put forward the following opinions: first, strengthen the quality management of investigation and design, implement investigation and design, and strictly implement the formulation of investigation and design quality acceptance to ensure the quality of investigation and design. Second, strengthen the policy supervision of logging operations. Adhere to the voucher logging system. Resource regulatory departments at all levels should send personnel to strengthen supervision to ensure operation in accordance with laws and regulations. Those who simply take materials and cut indiscriminately in the implementation work should be investigated and dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations. Third, strengthen the cutting management of protected areas. The cutting of protected areas shall be reported to the relevant competent departments for examination and approval according to the management authority. Fourth, strengthen the management of cutting quota. The cutting of trees on closed roads of fire-proof roads shall be included in the management of unforeseen quota, which shall be used and managed by the forestry group


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