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The Versailles: 50 years of food and history of Cuban exiles in Miami - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Miami’s famous Versailles restaurant, part of the lives and history of Cuban exiles, celebrated its 50th anniversary on Wednesday with a roaring party for which it brought back the original menu from when it opened its doors in 1971.

“We are very happy to be 50 years old. Our first feeling is of gratitude to the community, for supporting us in this wayloosening, and to the employees, always ready for anything, whether a president comes” or the day-to-day clienteleDomestic travel outsid, says Nicole Valls, one of the restaurant’s founding family members.

Cuban founder Felipe Valls arrived in Miami in 1960 at the age of 25, after the revolutionary government confiscated the various businesses of his family.

Now, his son Felipe Valls Jr. and granddaughter Nicole take care of the traditional family recipes, such as the palomilla (marinated beef steak)Free Digital Access, the ropa vieja (braised shredded beef)additionalEvents, the chicken ricewill continue to operate under new COVID-19 safety guidelines and individual COVID-19 safety plans., the Galician broth and the pork masitas.

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